How to Spruce Up Your Apartment with Spring Flowers

Spring has sprung! (Almost.) We finally say goodbye to winter this month and, if your The Isle apartment has been a haven for hibernation all winter, you’re definitely not alone. But now’s the time to turn off the TV, fling open the windows and embrace springtime. And what better way to do that than by transforming your home into a springtime celebration with the sights and smells of the season?

While you can easily grab a bouquet of roses at the nearby convenience store, your The Isle apartment is also located right near one of the area’s leading floral design companies, so you can go all out this spring and bring your home to life with all of your favorite blooms. Vault + Vine in next-door East Falls is  brimming with creative possibilities to add a touch of spring to your space and, with the number of awards under its belt—included a coveted Best of Philly prize—you can trust that the experts know their stuff!

Shoppers are encouraged to work with Vault + Vine’s talented horticultural and design staff to bring their visions to fruition. The shop offers an extensive collection of fresh flowers, and staffers work with each client to pick out the blooms that will work best in their space and with their tastes. It also specializes in unique plant arrangements, with signature indoor planter designs, centerpieces that will be sure to be a hit at your next gathering at your The Isle apartment, and a wide offering of pots, baskets and other containers for house plants. Vault + Vine also prides itself on working with those with a notorious “brown thumb,” to teach them how to care for all sorts of floral and plant arrangements—so even if you think springtime blooms aren’t your thing, the shop can match you with selections that will be sure to thrive.

While you’re picking out your arrangements, be sure to check out Vault + Vine’s unique gift collection—featuring candles, jewelry, housewares and more—including many made by local artisans. You may even be able to find some unique, homemade goods with a flowery flair to add to your spring home makeover!

Vault + Vine

3507 Midvale Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19129