Eat Light This Summer Right Near Home

If you’ve spent the first part of this summer soaking up some rays in Pretzel Park or lounging by the Manayunk Canal, letting your workout routine take a little vacation, you’re not alone! The lazy, hazy days of summer have settled into Manayunk, making it tempting to just hibernate inside of your The Isle apartment with the air conditioning cranked up. But if you still want to get your fitness somewhat on track, you’re in luck, as there are a number of spots right near home that can keep your eating habits healthy (even if your exercise is on summer hiatus!).

One of the most standout spots near your The Isle apartment is Boostin’ Bowls. The eatery offers a full range of bowls primarily made with health-food fave acai. The superfood is topped with tons of yummy ingredients, and diners are invited to change up the offerings to suit their tastes. There are a half-dozen acai-based bowls, which make a perfect fit for a morning wake-up, a tasty snack or a light summer lunch. Bowls feature guilt-free ingredients like fruits, granola, chocolate chips (who doesn’t need some chocolate now and then?!), chia and hemp seeds, honey, peanut butter and much more. 

If you’re just looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, check out the lengthy list of smoothies, featuring fruits, veggies, almond milk and lots of other tasty treats. This is the perfect end to a steamy summer run, or a great addition to your stroll down Main Street.

Best yet? It’s all just one block from your The Isle apartment! Eating right (and light!) is still possible in the summer—and, at Boostin’ Bowls—it couldn’t be any closer to home. So turn off the A/C and stroll over to the shop for a sweet treat without any guilt!

Boostin’ Bowls

100 Levering St.

Philadelphia, PA 19127