Fourth of July Near The Isle

Philadelphia is the birthplace of American freedom—which is why it makes perfect sense that Independence Day is one of the hottest, most exciting holidays in the Philly events calendar. From fireworks to concerts and everything in between, the City of Brotherly Love is the place to be on 4th of July. While many people may migrate into Center City to take in the celebrations, locals can avoid the crowds and stick around the Manayunk and Roxborough areas for lots of festive fun without any of the hassle.

In our neck of the woods, one of the best ways to show your patriotic pride is at the Roxborough Independence Day Parade. Starting at 9 a.m. on the 4th, dozens of contingents will set off from Ridge and Lyceum avenues, less than one mile from your The Isle apartment, for the annual parade. The celebration has been held every year for 189 years—making it the oldest Independence Day parade in the entire nation.

Be part of that history as you line the sidewalks of Ridge Avenue for the best seat in the house! Locals bring along folding chairs, blankets and lots of red, white and blue gear to cheer on the marchers. Expect to see marching bands, dancers, cheerleaders, youth groups, elected officials and many more. Since it’s an event steeped in history, the parade also includes lots of references to its founding—by a minister in 1831 who wanted to give his Sunday school students a fun way to celebrate American independence—with historical reenactors and more.

Stroll along Ridge Avenue after the parade, as lots of local churches will hold celebrations on their grounds, with food, drinks, games, raffles and prizes. At the Roxborough Independence Day Parade, you can start your day rooted in history and then head back to Main Street in Manayunk to continue your partying!

So break out your red, white and blue, and head out into Manayunk and Roxborough to celebrate American independence where it all started!

Roxborough Independence Day Parade

Ridge and Lyceum avenues

Philadelphia, PA 19128