Two New Amenities to Make Isle Living Even Easier

Our residents may have noticed a few new additions to our community lately – and no, we’re not sending you all to summer school! Tide Cleaners and Amazon Hub have provided lockers to streamline their services for our residents. Read on to learn more how these new amenities work.

Tide Cleaners – Residents are able to download the Tide Cleaners app and request laundry services such washing, dry cleaners and repairs, utilizing the new lockers they’ve provided us on-site. Once the resident requests the services on the app, they place their items in the lockers. Tide Cleaners then comes on site and retrieves the items, returning them within 48 hours washed, dry cleaned or repaired.

Amazon Hub – The Amazon Hub are lockers on site that act as a package concierge, where residents are able to pick up their packages 24/7. All carriers scan in packages and place them in the lockers. Once the packages are scanned and placed in the lockers, the residents receive an email with a code that they can use to open up the locker where their package is placed. Now you never have to wait overnight for that item you’ve been dying to have!