Eco-Friendly Living at The Isle

We know most of our residents already recycle, but let’s amp it up this month!

For the entire month of April, we’re hosting a special recycling event. Residents can drop off small electronics, batteries, and empty ink cartridges at the leasing office throughout the month.

That’s just one of the many ways living at The Isle can help you on a path to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Isle was designed with a sustainable environment in mind, and one of the most obvious ways is our Green Roof!

Have you noticed our luscious locks of green above our home?

Learn more about green roofs and how they might be popping up more in cityscapes around the world. –>

Of course everyone loves to see shiny new appliances in their new apartment, but we love seeing those energy efficient symbols even more!

With brand-new energy efficient appliances and all LED lighting, we give all our residents a good foundation for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

As many visitors notice, The Isle is full of landscaping and gardens, but all this greenery isn’t just for looks.

Our water gardens act as both drainage and filtration systems, ensuring that all the runoff that goes back into the river is cleaner than when it fell from the sky!

To learn more about sustainability at The Isle, take a tour this month and see why our home is one of Philadelphia’s most eco-friendly communities!