Where to Get Your Vegetarian Fix in Manayunk

We’re now into the full swing of 2019, which means the motivation to hit the gym and ditch the fried food to keep up with your New Year’s resolution is probably getting a bit more challenging. As the year drags on, the commitment to eating healthy and exercising gets harder and harder! But getting your greens in doesn’t have to be a chore—especially considering the impressive vegetarian dining scene near your The Isle apartment. Though you don’t have to be a full-fledged vegetarian to be a healthy eater, veg spots are great places to put your culinary calendar, as they’re well-versed in making veggie dishes that are tasty and filling.

One of the best-known vegetarian-friendly eateries near your The Isle apartment is Ramen. The spot is a relatively new addition to Main Street, just one block from your The Isle apartment, and one that has grown an impressive following of noodle lovers in recent months for its authentic and flavor-packed dishes.

The small size of the menu allows for the kitchen to focus on the precise process that gives each bowl of noodles its unique taste and texture. The Truffle Mushroom Ramen is a great choice for vegetarians. The vegetarian broth is complimented by kale ramen and packed full of veggies, including mushrooms, sprouts, cabbage and bamboo. Hold the pork on some of the other ramen dishes and enjoy an exciting array of perfectly cooked veggies and noodles. Apps are also veg-friendly, with selections like seaweed salad and organic mushrooms.

The setting at Ramen is just as unique as its menu. The cozy dining room overlooks Main Street, offering a perfect backdrop for your next date night or outing with friends.

If you’re considering going down the vegetarian route, or just want to add more leafy greens into your diet to stick to your resolution and get geared up for the coming  swimsuit season, consider a trip to Ramen.


4357 Main St.

Philadelphia, PA 19127