Learn How to Cook in Manayunk

Cooking after work or school can be a chore. Gathering the right ingredients, perfecting the recipe and finding the time to put in all that elbow grease in your The Isle apartment is no easy feat. But if your fast food receipts are piling up and you’re looking to take some more control over your diet, homecooking is the way to go!

Helping locals find their way around the kitchen is the mission of Let’s Cultivate Food, which offers catering and cooking classes in home or out of a Manyunk studio that’s just six blocks from your The Isle apartment. From award-winning chef Yoon Lee, Let’s Cultivate Food aims to arm locals with tips and tricks to bring out the most flavorful and healthy elements of their food—all while showing them the basics of cooking that everyone from budding chefs to first-timers in the kitchen will appreciate.

Let’s Cultivate Food offers up to five classes per week, all with a different theme. Upcoming classes feature sushi, dumplings, Thai and pho. While the chef demonstrates, the classes are hands-on, so students are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and dive into each dish. Lee’s dishes aren’t your garden variety meals—they’re packed with perfectly seasoned and seared veggies and other fresh ingredients and crafted using a ton of different techniques. So if you can master the approaches in the class, you can make just about anything in your The Isle apartment!

Many of the classes offer complimentary drinks, themed to the culinary creations being made—such as sake for the sushi classes and wine at the dumpling sessions. Students are also encouraged to BYOB. And get ready for lots of interactive fun and giveaways!

Even though finding time to cook can be a challenge, at Let’s Cultivate Food, learning how to cook is anything but!

Let’s Cultivate Food

4658 Umbria St.

Philadelphia, PA 19127