Pamper Yourself on “Bubble Bath Day” With Products from Manayunk

New Year’s isn’t the only holiday in January! Apparently, one week later, Americans are also invited to celebrate National Bubble Bath Day. Even if the Jan. 8 holiday was only made up as an excuse for some self-pampering, why not indulge? If you work hard the first week of the year trying to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions, unwind in your The Isle apartment and treat yourself with a bath.

No bath would be complete without the most voluminous bubbles possible! To help you in that department, head to Beans Beauty Supply, two blocks from your The Isle apartment. Located right on Main Street, Beans has a wide array of bath and body products that will turn your The Isle bathroom right into your very own spa!

The shop sells a variety of bubble bath products, which will not only fill the tub with sweet-smelling suds to help you relax but will have you smelling fresh for some time after. While the bubbles are of course the best part of any bath, shoppers can pick up lots of other extras at Beans to really go all out.

The boutique sells bath pillows so you can fully recline in the tub—maybe with your favorite book and a glass of wine!  Exfoliating gloves, bath sponges and loofahs will help your skin feel as refreshed as your mind does after your bath. Dozens of soaps—from mud soap to salt soap and even seaweed soap—will round out your bath. While you’re at Beans, you can also grab lotions, toners and other skin treatments to give yourself the full spa treatment!

As the new year picks up speed, it’s sometimes good to put the brakes on things by slowing down, relaxing and treating yourself.


Beans Beauty Supply

405 Main St.

Philadelphia, PA 19127