Last-Minute Gift Ideas in Manayunk

The holiday rush is on! Shopping for the holidays usually means long lines, parking lot wars and packed stores. For city residents, all of those headaches can be made worse with traffic troubles as they head out to the suburban shopping malls in the area.

But what if you could avoid all of that stress? You can if you shop locally!

Main Street in Manayunk near your The Isle apartment is home to dozens of shops and boutiques, which offer everything from clothing to accessories and books to home décor. Main Street shopping means you can forget the mall crowds and instead take the short walk from your The Isle apartment to enjoy shopping at your own pace—all while investing in local businesses.

One standout store is The Little Apple. The shop, just one block from your The Isle apartment, specializes, as it says, in “all things gifty,” with a wide range of handmade, unique items that you definitely won’t find in department and big-box stores.

Glycerin soaps, hand-poured candles, dish towels and more are great gift options for those looking to spruce up their homes after the holidays. And if you want to get a little something for yourself, The Little Apple sells a range of Philly-focused décor items, such as framed Manayunk signs that would be a perfect fit for your The Isle apartment. Philadelphia is also the focus of a line of gifts that include T-shirts, pillows and even baby onesies. The Little Apple’s baby section includes clothing, toys, blankets and more, all of which are handcrafted for the little ones on your list. The shop features gifts for both men and women, as well as kitschy items like pint glasses and socks with clever sayings.

There aren’t many shopping days left, so skip the mall and stay local this holiday season to get all of your shopping done in one place—leaving more room to enjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday season in Manayunk!


The Little Apple

4631 Main St.

Philadelphia, PA 19127