Bringing the Farm to Philly

It’s common for locals to run into neighbors walking dogs on Philly streets—but have you ever seen a goat on a leash?

If you’ve been anywhere near Awbury Arboretum recently, you just might have! The arboretum’s Agricultural Village, about 15 minutes from your The Isle apartment, is now home to the Philly Goat Project.

The initiative is an innovating community-based program that offers animal-assisted therapy, as well as yoga and other wellness initiatives, all with a family of goats at the center. The idea behind the effort is that the goats are perfect companion animals, as they’re intelligent, social and safe. And, since we’re in the middle of a city, that they’re easily adaptable to city landscapes is also a big plus.

So how does Philly Goat Project work? The project invites people with a range of challenges, such as those who Autism, anxiety or have experienced trauma, to undergo individual, paired or group sessions facilitated by a licensed social worker. Yoga lovers can also get up close and personal with the animals during Goat Yoga, held Saturday mornings at the arboretum. No yoga (or goat!) experience is necessary. The animals stroll amid the group as they get into their positions and often walk up participants’ backs—and, of course, there’s lots of time for playing with the goats afterward!

As a nonprofit venture, Philly Goat Project is always in need of volunteers. One of the easiest ways to do so is through its Community Walks, held Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons. Locals are invited to take the animals for a walk through the arboretum and neighboring areas to get them some exercise and socialization, all while learning techniques for caring for and training goats. It’s an easy way to give back while also having some fun with adorable animals—a win-win!


Agricultural Village

6336 Ardleigh St.

Philadelphia, PA 19138