Celebrate Local History in Germantown


Manayunk and its surrounding neighborhoods are brimming with history, which will be on full display this fall.

The annual Revolutionary Germantown Festival is set for Oct. 6 in historic Germantown, about three miles from your The Isle apartment. The event features a full day of activities for history lovers, and can be an eye-opening experience even for those who wouldn’t consider themselves history buffs—as they can learn about the role our local area played in shaping Philadelphia and national history, and see it all come to life right before their eyes.

The cornerstone of the day is the reenactment of the Battle of Germantown. The battle was waged on Oct. 4, 1777, and was a pivotal moment in the Revolutionary War. The colonial settlers ultimately lost the battle to the British, who barricaded themselves inside Cliveden, a still-standing mansion that is the focal point of the reenactment. Visitors ring the lawn of the historic home as authentically dressed soldiers reenact each step of the actual battle. Expect a full march up Germantown Avenue, muskets, cannon fire and more!

There will be several renditions of the battle throughout the day, but there’s lots more to see and do at the festival. Tour Cliveden and five other historic sites in the area, which have been expertly restored to the Revolutionary War era, transporting visitors right back to the time of the battle. Colonial-era performances will take place throughout the neighborhood, and kids can learn old-fashioned games and activities. Once the festival wraps up, head to Grumblethorpe, another of the historic homes that’s about 3.5 miles from your The Isle apartment, for a Battle Bash, featuring food and beer from Evil Genius Brewing Company.

Philly is known for its history, but rarely do you get to see it play out right before your eyes like you do at the Revolutionary Germantown Festival!



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5267 Germantown Ave.

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