3 Spots for Great Fall Foliage

The nation’s fifth-largest city may not come to mind when you’re thinking about spots to find beautiful fall foliage—but Philadelphia is brimming with lush and leafy areas whose colors come to life as soon as autumn hits. From expansive parks to city squares and everything in between, fall in the city is an eye-opening—and eye-catching!—experience. Even amid the hustle and bustle of Main Street and your The Isle apartment, you don’t have to travel far to be surrounded by the reds, golds, greens and every other shade under the fall sun.


Fall foliage can provide the perfect backdrop for a weekend picnic with your sweetheart, a heart-pumping jog or a casual stroll by yourself to recharge after work. No matter what you’re looking for from nature, here are the best spots near your The Isle apartment to find it:


Wissahickon Valley Park: One mile from your The Isle apartment, Wissahickon provides a taste of country right in the middle of the city. The 1,800 acres feature some of the most popular trails for local hikers and bikers, and provide breathtaking views of nature and wildlife, both of which are coming alive this fall.


Laurel Hill Cemetery: A cemetery may not be your first thought for a good spot to spy fall foliage, but Laurel Hill is full of surprises. About 2.5 miles from your The Isle apartment, the cemetery doesn’t just provide a look back at local history but also an unrivaled look at the hills of the surrounding area, which, in the autumn, are brimming with color.


Morris Arboretum: A trip through the area’s fall foliage would be incomplete without a visit to Morris Arboretum, about 6 miles from your The Isle apartment. The nearly 150-year-old arboretum showcases more than 12,000 plants from around the world. While the flowers and trees themselves offer plenty to do and see, the arboretum is committed to education and hosts frequent events for visitors to learn more about the science behind the scenes.


Wissahickon Valley Park

Valley Green Road

Philadelphia, PA 19128



Laurel Hill Cemetery

3822 Ridge Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19132



Morris Arboretum

100 E. Northwestern Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19118