Three Local Spots to Celebrate National Waffle Day

Did you know that Aug. 24 is National Waffle Day? Well, now you do!

In honor of the tasty holiday, take advantage of one (or more!) of the many breakfast hot spots near your The Isle apartment. With the news that breakfast giant IHOP is abandoning its longtime focus for a more burger-friendly menu, perhaps one of these local breakfast spots can corner the market on early risers looking for delicious deals.

No matter how you like your waffles—plain, dressed up or maybe even sandwiching some ice cream—dine out and dig in this month! Here are a few of the breakfast standouts in our neck of the woods:


Bob’s Diner: Bob’s, about six blocks from your The Isle apartment, is a legend in the neighborhood. In business since the 1940s, Bob’s has served generations of Manayunk and Roxborough residents. It sells breakfast all day long, include crisp Belgian waffles, topped with fruit or ice cream.


The Spicy Belly: National Waffle Day is on a Tuesday so if you can’t make it out that day, no worries! The Spicy Belly, six blocks from your The Isle, features a popular weekend brunch full of Korean-inspired dishes. Among the selections is the Seoul Chicken and Waffles, which features Korean fried chicken atop a Belgian waffle with whipped cream and apple slices. Even better, brunch is served all the way to 3:30 p.m., so you can sleep in without missing out.


Taylor’s Café: Located six blocks from your The Isle apartment, Taylor’s puts a modern spin on classic American breakfast favorites. Its Belgian waffles are jumbo enough to be eaten on their own, or you can pair them with chicken wings covered in honey garlic sauce, or switch things up even more with the waffle biscuit topped with creamed chipped beef.


Bob’s Diner

6053 Ridge Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19128



The Spicy Belly

3847 Terrace St.

Philadelphia, PA 19128



Taylor’s Café

6144 Ridge Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19128