Three Local Spots for Spring Flowers

Spring has sprung!

It’s time to pack away the winter blanket and the scarves and break out the tanks and running shoes, as we finally bid farewell to winter and welcome warm weather here in Philadelphia. Nothing says spring more so than flowers, but why just observe your favorite buds from afar at local parks? With a backdrop like your The Isle apartment, you can put your floral flair to good use and bring some added color to your living space—which will put a little extra spring in your step!

Here are a few local floral shops where you can find a wide array of spring flowers to spruce up your The Isle apartment:

Fleur: Just one block from your The Isle apartment, you may have passed the breathtaking window arrangements during a stroll on Main Street, so this spring head inside and bring some of that beauty into your own space. Fleur uses the freshest flowers presented in both contemporary and traditional arrangements. Fleur works with customers to design products using the colors and fragrances they want, as well as the price range within their budget.

Something Different in Flowers: Their name says it all: Something Different in Flowers, six blocks from your The Isle apartment, aims to take a different approach to the typical florist experience. The shop employs knowledgeable florists who advise customers on floral selection and care, and the staff is so confident in their products that Something Different offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

John Kevin Gallagher & Co. Floral: A half-mile from your The Isle apartment, John Kevin Gallagher’s floral company is built on his more than 20 years in the business. Gallagher has extensive experience designing arrangements for weddings and other special events so, if you want your apartment to impress visitors with elegance and sophistication, this is your shop.



4254 Main St.

Philadelphia, PA 19127


Something Different in Flowers

399 Leverington Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19128


John Kevin Gallagher & Co. Floral

123 Leverington Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19127