A Great Neighborhood Bar for Watching the Winter Olympics

Philly pride has been filling the streets since the Super Bowl, but now it’s time to show some pride for our nation. The Winter Olympics have arrived and we are just as excited as anyone to spend our evenings watching speed skiing, snowboard tricks, and inspiring figure skating routines. Watching the winter games is always more fun with a group, so we thought we would scope out the best place to grab a beer and cheer on team USA. It only comes around every 4 years, be sure to make the most out of the Pyeoung Chang 2018 Winter Games.

Manayunk has a lot of places to choose from for a brew and a cozy barstool, but we can’t think of a better spot to watch the Olympics than the US Hotel Bar and Grill. Patriotism is in the name of this beloved neighborhood hangout. Serving up delicious American fare, is there a more appropriate dinner choice than a burger and fries before cheering on team USA? They offer craft brews and great cocktails. The games can go well into the evening, but you don’t have to worry about the US Hotel Bar and Grill closing their doors before your favorite Olympic athletes stand on the podium. They are open late night and even keep serving bar food until last call.

Located on Manayunk’s bustling Main Street, the US Hotel Bar and Grill is just a short walk from The Isle. Arrive early and take advantage of their happy hour specials. Enjoy these historic games before they are over. Go team USA!


US Hotel Bar and Grill

4439 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127