A Unique Co-Working Space is Opening Near The Isle

It’s no secret; we live in a digital age with a constantly shifting standard for what is considered a normal workday or workspace. “Remote” positions are more common than ever, and all over the world employees are working from home. This is a great innovation that allows for more personal freedom, promotes sustainable lifestyles, and saves money, but not everyone excels when forced to concentrate in their own space. Coffee shops may seem like a suitable solution, but they often subject individuals to an array of environmental variables that can seriously impact the workday. Lucky for residents of the Isle, one of our luxurious amenities offered is a business center and conference space. Still, for those dedicated employees that excel in an office setting and are looking for an extremely versatile space with plenty of efficient features, there’s a new kind of business opening up in Manayunk.
The Nickels Building, a unique coworking space, is currently under construction. Set to open at the beginning of March, this is the perfect spot for career-dedicated members of the community to tackle the daily tasks of their independent positions in an office setting. It’s all the benefits of working in a business dedicated group space, without any annoying bosses hovering around. Most coworkers at The Nickels Building will pay for weekly, monthly, or yearly memberships that grant them unlimited access to the sleek and stimulating office. The comfortable and supportive environment has added benefits like free coffee, discounted snacks, and conference room access. Other features of this versatile business include an events venue and “retail coselling” for members or local organizations.
While there are still a few months before workers can start utilizing the space, we wanted to make sure we told you about TNB while they are still offering deals to “early adopters”, including a $99 monthly plan guaranteed for the first year of membership. Converted from the Woolworth “Five and Dime” structure built in 1896, The Nickel Building is located right on Main Street, just a few minutes walk from The Isle. Just imagine walking to work at your leisure every day.



The Nickels Building

4323 Main Street

Philadelphia, PA  19127