Go Green for The Eagles: Amp Up for Sunday’s Big Game with Green Cocktails at SOMO Manayunk

Philadelphians have a lot of pride. Between the city’s culture, history, and traditions, there’s a lot for area residents to celebrate, but perhaps the city’s most essential representations of pride is our beloved football team: the Philadelphia Eagles. If you haven’t been following the NFL, Philly made it to the playoffs this year and the entire city is gearing up for an exciting championship season. There’s plenty of spots to watch the game and participate in this regional camaraderie, but none are as dedicated as SOMO Manayunk.


Head over to this beloved neighborhood watering hole, they recently won an Open Table reader’s choice award. Located on Main Street, SOMO will be offering a selection of green drinks in support of the Eagles. Don’t worry if you already have plans for Sunday’s big game, they will be serving these festive options all week and for as long as the Eagles remain in the running for the championship. In addition to being green, the cocktails all have clever names like “The Underdog”, “The Foaming Foles”, and “The 52”. There’s even an alcohol-free option with a blended kale base for the neighborhood’s health lovers. Try out the “Fly Eagles Fly” beer for a classic game day brew with a Philadelphia twist.


SOMO Manayunk is located in the heart of the business district and just a short walk from The Isle, so there’s no need to worry about a designated driver. We commend their commitment to Philadelphia pride in this exciting time for football lovers and locals alike. Go birds!


SOMO Manayunk

4311 Main St
Philadelphia, PA 19127
(267) 297-6668