Local Manayunk Resources Residents of The Isle Need to Check Out

It’s no secret that The Isle’s home of Manayunk is an incredibly close knit community. The area is well known and highly regarded all over Philadelphia County, but nowhere is it as beloved as by its own residents. With this almost small-town camaraderie that comes with the neighborhood, there are several awesome resources you won’t find anywhere else in Philly. For things like news, business, entertainment, and so much more, you can always get a Manayunk insight. We know residents of The Isle will love taking advantage of all the community has to offer so we made this quick list of all the best neighborhood resources you need to check out.


Manayunk Magazine– Looking for an updated guide to Manayunk’s lifestyle and business culture? Manayunk Magazine publishes four issues a year with extensive content on the community. With an issue for each season, Manayunk Magazine keeps readers updated on things like new businesses opening in the neighborhood, upcoming events, changes to stores or infrastructure, new personalities, and so much more. Available online, you can subscribe with your email or just find it on the Manayunk website.


Manayunk Mornings– Every other Monday, visit manayunk.com for this web series all about the community. Hosted by friendly neighborhood personalities, each episode features an insider’s look at local news, businesses, and culture we know Isle residents will love. Most segments are under 10-minutes long, so there is no reason you can’t make the time to enjoy Manayunk Morning’s every two weeks.


MNYK Blog– A truly diverse selection of content surrounding the neighborhood, the MNYK blog has a little bit of everything. Accessible from the manayunk.com official website, this extremely active blog covers everything from event recaps to personal editorials from the citizens of Manayunk. One of our favorite aspects is their “One-On-One” series, where they chat with local business owners about their work and the community. Check out this awesome blog to get the scoop on everything and anything Manayunk.